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The Report

 This project came about as a way of re-establishing relationships built over the past fifteen years through the C@P program in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia.  

The intention of this project is to capture and tell the story of C@P in HRM. This report reflects some of the rich and diverse experiences that C@P has engendered in its loyal and extensive volunteer base.

We wanted to ask if the Community Access Program has fulfilled its original intention. What have been the successes and the challenges? What are the key ingredients that have kept C@P alive and well in many of the communities served? Who do the C@P sites serve? How have the services that C@P sites offer changed over time? How can HRCA better serve the member C@P Sites? Where should focus for the future of HRCA be moving forward? Is it on the technology? Or, the people? Or, both? 

In this, the fifteenth year of the C@P program, we wanted to RE-CONNECT with other C@P Sites in HRM to find out if there is still a need for C@P services and public access in their community. If there is, what kind of support is needed to maximize the benefits? This report reflects what I heard when I touched base with many of the members, past and present, of HRCA. 

We hope the report and the accompanying video documentary will serve as the starting point for discussions and planning for the future and can be used to reignite interest and recognize the enormous contribution of volunteers to C@P in HRM over the past fifteen years.

To download the comprehensive, 47 page report, click HERE


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